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Three Arrested for Gold Smuggling from Nepal to India

Uttar Pradesh authorities have taken three individuals into custody on charges of smuggling gold bars from Nepal into India, as confirmed by officials on Tuesday.

The arrests occurred on Monday during the transportation of the contraband from Gorakhpur to Prayagraj, via Sultanpur, by road.

The seized gold bars had a total weight of 1 kilogram and were estimated to be worth Rs 60 lakh. Notably, they bore Australian markings.

Law enforcement officials have identified the arrested suspects as Ram Ji Kumar, Akhil Kumar Bhat, and Sawan Kumar. They are facing charges under the Customs Act.

The accused, all in their early 30s, were acting as carriers for the gold, which was intended for delivery to an individual in Prayagraj.

To apprehend the culprits, authorities deployed four teams along the highways connecting Sultanpur and its neighboring regions. Subsequently, the gold bars were discovered concealed within a vehicle’s seat compartment, according to a police spokesperson.

The arrested individuals have been presented in court and are currently in police custody pending further investigation.


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