500 Mount Everest Climbers conquerers the Summit


500 Mount Everest Climbers conquerers the Summit

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Mount Everest Climbers

In a remarkable feat, approximately 500 individuals have successfully scaled the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, also known as Sagarmatha. The Department of Tourism has confirmed that during this spring season, a staggering 500 mountaineers and guides have reached the summit.

The tally of Mount Everest conquerors has now reached around 500, with a total of 478 mountaineers obtaining expedition permits for the spring season climb. Notably, this figure includes Sherpa guides from various expedition teams, as highlighted by the Director General of the Department, Hom Prasad Luitel.

Favorable weather conditions have played a crucial role in facilitating the ascent of multiple peaks, including the awe-inspiring Sagarmatha. This year’s spring climbing season commenced on May 13, and the prevalent climatic conditions have continued to support the endeavors of the mountaineers.

Significantly, the 478 permits issued for climbing Mount Everest in the spring season mark a historic high. Among the permit recipients, there are 103 women and 376 men hailing from 47 mountaineering teams, as revealed by the Department.

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