59th National Children’s Day Celebrated with a Focus on Child Rights and Development in Nepal

The 59th National Children’s Day is being commemorated nationwide today, marked by various programs centered around the theme, ‘Investing in our future means investing in our children.’

This significant day traces its roots back to the United Nations General Assembly’s endorsement of the Covenant on Children’s Rights on November 20, 1989. Nepal adopted this convention on September 14, 1990, thereby establishing it as Children’s Day.

Nepal’s Constitution places a strong emphasis on the comprehensive development of children, recognizing children’s rights as fundamental rights. It also includes provisions for child protection, preservation, development, and participation.

In alignment with the commitments laid out in the UN Child Rights Convention of 1989 and other international agreements, the Nepali government has crafted and implemented laws and policies designed to safeguard children’s rights.

Surendra Raj Acharya, the Minister for Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, and Chairperson of the National Child Rights Council, affirmed his ministry’s unwavering dedication to upholding the constitutionally guaranteed rights of children. He underscored the collaborative efforts of federal, provincial, and local governments in safeguarding and advancing children’s rights.

The evolving landscape of technology, urbanization, global values, and changing circumstances presents a challenge in effectively protecting and promoting children’s rights.


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