A Guide to Watching Inter Miami & MLS Games in Nepal

Discover how to catch all the thrilling action of Inter Miami and Major League Soccer (MLS) in Nepal. Follow our comprehensive guide to access live streams, highlights, and more, bringing the excitement of North American soccer right to your screen. Don’t miss a moment of the game – read on to find out how!

Over the past five years, Major League Soccer has been on an upward trajectory, experiencing a remarkable surge in viewership and a substantial improvement in the quality of the league. After years of trailing behind other sports in the United States, soccer at its highest level has finally emerged as a serious contender, captivating millions of fans. The year 2022 witnessed an extraordinary milestone, with over 10 million people flocking to stadiums across the United States and Canada to attend MLS games.

The North American soccer scene has become a focal point of interest, as live telecasts and streaming options continue to fuel discussions worldwide. One major factor contributing to MLS’s global reach is the groundbreaking broadcasting deal signed between MLS and Apple TV.

In early 2023, Apple TV and Major League Soccer unveiled a historic 10-year broadcasting agreement, enabling fans from all corners of the world to enjoy the excitement of MLS matches right from the comfort of their couches. The MLS Season Pass on Apple TV has become the gateway to access every single game of the league, including the highly anticipated playoffs in Nepal, India, and all other countries.

For fans in the United States, Fox/FS1 and Fox Deportes will broadcast 34 regular-season games, eight playoff matches, and the pinnacle event, the MLS Cup final. In Canada, TSN holds the rights to air 68 regular-season games, available on both TSN and RDS.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on where and how to watch MLS in Nepal and India:

TV Channels & Streaming Options

  • United States: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+ / FS1/Fox Deportes
  • Canada: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+ / TSN
  • United Kingdom: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+
  • Highlights (US & Canada): Apple TV
  • Highlights (international): Apple TV

Fans can rejoice as MLS game highlights will be free to watch on Apple TV, offering the flexibility to relive the excitement of any match at their convenience.

Expanded Coverage

Subscribers to the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV will gain access to live streams of select MLS Next and Next Pro games, as well as the highly anticipated Leagues Cup, a prestigious tournament featuring MLS and Mexican Liga MX clubs.

Watch Inter Miami & MLS Games in Nepal

To watch Major League Soccer (MLS) in Nepal using Apple TV, follow these steps to utilize a VPN and access Apple TV channels outside the US:

Step 1: Choose a Reliable VPN
Select a reputable VPN service that offers servers in the United States. Ensure the VPN has a good track record of providing reliable connections and fast speeds for streaming content.

Step 2: Install and Set Up the VPN
Download and install the VPN app on your preferred device, such as your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Follow the instructions to set up the VPN with your account details.

Step 3: Connect to a US Server
Open the VPN app and connect to a server located in the United States. This will assign you a US IP address, making it appear as if you are accessing the internet from the US.

Step 4: Access Apple TV
Once the VPN connection is established, access the Apple TV app or website on your device. It should now recognize you as a resident of the US due to the US IP address assigned by the VPN.

Step 5: Subscribe to MLS Season Pass
Subscribe to the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV to gain access to live streams of all MLS games, including the playoffs. Follow the instructions provided by Apple TV to complete the subscription process.

Step 6: Enjoy MLS from Nepal
You can now enjoy Major League Soccer games from Nepal through the Apple TV app, streaming all the thrilling action directly to your screen.

Remember that using a VPN to access content from another region may violate the terms of service of certain platforms, so ensure that it is allowed by both the VPN service and Apple TV. Additionally, internet speeds may be affected when using a VPN, so choose a server with good performance to ensure smooth streaming of MLS matches.


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