BJP IT Chief, Amit Malaviya Faces Police Action for Speech Interpretation

In a recent development in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, local police have taken action against Amit Malaviya, the chief of the BJP’s IT cell. This action comes in response to a complaint filed by the state’s ruling party, the DMK.

The accusation against Malaviya revolves around his alleged misinterpretation of a speech by Tamil Nadu’s Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, Udhayanidhi Stalin, regarding Sanatan Dharma.

According to the DMK’s complaint to the Tiruchirapalli police, Udhayanidhi Stalin made a statement during a program organized by the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers Forum. In his speech, Stalin suggested that Sanatan Dharma should be treated similarly to how efforts are made to eliminate mosquitoes, malaria, dengue, and diseases like COVID-19.

However, Malaviya is accused of distorting this statement on social media, claiming that Udhayanidhi Stalin called for a “genocide of Hindus.”

This situation has ignited a verbal clash between the DMK and the BJP-RSS alliance. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has also weighed in, asserting that Udhayanidhi Stalin advocated for a “Hindu genocide.”

The exchange of words between leaders of the DMK and BJP has intensified following Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement, with a poster war emerging as a visible manifestation of this dispute.


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