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Building Collapse Kills 2 in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

In a devastating incident, a building in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, tragically collapsed early on Monday morning, resulting in the loss of two lives, as confirmed by the local police.

The calamity unfolded around 3 a.m., sending shockwaves through the community.

In response to the crisis, a swift and organized rescue operation is currently in progress, with a dedicated team from the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) on-site, working tirelessly to save lives.

Despite the valiant efforts of the rescue teams, there remains an unsettling uncertainty, as three to four individuals are still feared to be trapped beneath the debris.

Dinesh Kumar Singh, the Superintendent of Police in Barabanki, provided insights into the situation, stating, “Around 3 a.m. in the morning, we received information about a building collapse in Barabanki. We have rescued 12 people, and we have received information that more individuals may still be trapped beneath the rubble.”

Regrettably, among the 12 individuals who were successfully rescued and subsequently hospitalized, two have succumbed to their injuries, compounding the tragedy.

To bolster the ongoing rescue operations, a team from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has also joined the efforts, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the collective determination to bring any remaining survivors to safety.

The entire community is united in sorrow as they await further updates on the ongoing rescue mission, hoping for a positive outcome amidst this devastating ordeal.


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