Customs Office Workers at Sinamangal Launch Strike at Tribhuvan International Airport

Photo: Khabarhub

Kathmandu, Nepal – Employees working at the Sinamangal Customs Office, situated within the premises of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), initiated a strike today to voice their concerns.

The central point of their protest revolves around their collective transfer request, which they claim has not received the attention it deserves. These dedicated employees have set forth five demands as part of their protest, with the mass transfer request being one of them. Consequently, they have decided to cease all activities related to cargo inspection and processing at the Tribhuvan Airport Customs Office, beginning today.

In the event that their demands are not addressed promptly, they have issued a warning that they will suspend all cargo branch operations by tomorrow.

In a symbolic display of their discontent, they staged a ‘pen down’ strike for a duration of three hours on the previous Sunday. Furthermore, they have emphasized that should their demands remain unmet by September 13, they will unveil the next phase of their protest.

The workers allege that during the investigation of a 61 kg gold smuggling case, some of their colleagues faced arrests and intimidation.

A total of 137 employees had collectively petitioned the government for mass transfers, citing an unfavorable working environment and psychological distress within the customs office.


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