Home Business Daraz Introduces AI-powered ChatGPT Feature “AskDaraz” to Enhance Shopping Experience

Daraz Introduces AI-powered ChatGPT Feature “AskDaraz” to Enhance Shopping Experience

Kathmandu, Nepal – Daraz, the leading eCommerce platform in Nepal, has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its mobile app with the integration of an AI-powered chat feature called “AskDaraz.” Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, AskDaraz enables customers to seek detailed information about products available on the Daraz platform.

In line with its commitment to empowering communities through the power of commerce, Daraz has incorporated the in-app discovery service, which utilizes the highly advanced OpenAI ChatGPT. By leveraging ChatGPT, users can engage in conversations with AskDaraz to receive instant and personalized recommendations, making their shopping experience easy, enjoyable, and seamless. Daraz compares this feature to the unique experience of interacting with a shop assistant online.

Nepal’s largest online shopping site, Daraz, is excited to introduce AskDaraz to its app users, as it promises to significantly elevate and enhance the shopping experience on the popular eCommerce platform.

AskDaraz allows users to interact in any language and obtain personalized recommendations. Moreover, the service ensures doorstep delivery of products across Daraz markets, providing customers access to a wide array of millions of products.

Edouard Gheerbrant, Chief Operating Officer at Daraz Asia, highlights that Daraz users can now naturally communicate with AskDaraz in any language and receive instant, personalized product recommendations. He emphasizes that this integration aligns with Daraz’s mission to uplift communities by harnessing the power of commerce. Gheerbrant believes that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is transforming the digital landscape and holds immense potential, especially in the “frontier markets” that Daraz operates in.

Gheerbrant further notes that people in South Asia often face challenges accessing goods and services, despite the growth in internet penetration. However, tools like AskDaraz can bridge that gap by offering an alternative to language barriers, low literacy rates, and limited retail distribution.

Daraz considers the integration of the AskDaraz ChatGPT feature as a significant milestone in its ongoing eCommerce transformation efforts in the region. While chatbots have been utilized in eCommerce, the incorporation of this highly versatile and intelligent AI-powered language chat tool marks a new era in online shopping.

Daraz, formerly known as Kaymu, is one of the leading online shopping platforms in the region and is backed by the globally dominant Alibaba Group. The company operates in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Myanmar.

AskDaraz is now available in Nepal and can be accessed through the “Discover” section of the Daraz mobile app. Upon launching the app, users will encounter a pop-up screen announcing the introduction of the ChatGPT feature.

To utilize AskDaraz, users can simply tap on “Discover” and inquire about their desired products. For example, by describing the color of a casual shirt, users will receive personalized recommendations in response to their queries. The feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and users can update their app to the latest version to access the Discover option if it doesn’t appear initially.

Daraz celebrates this milestone achievement, proudly positioning itself at the forefront of eCommerce transformation in the region, and looks forward to revolutionizing the online shopping experience for its valued customers.


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