Devotees Flock to Gosaikunda for Janai Purnima Festival

Gosaikunda, Nepal, witnessed a significant influx of devotees since the early hours of the morning today, all gathered to participate in the revered Janai Purnima festival.

More than 4,000 individuals have made their way to Gosaikunda, a pristine freshwater lake of immense religious significance, situated at a lofty altitude of 14,370 feet above sea level. According to Sanjiv DM, the Chair of the Gosaikunda Area Development Committee, the majority of devotees had arrived at the site by Wednesday evening.

Furthermore, District Police Chief Subas Budhathoki reported that additional devotees are en route to the lake.

At the core of this festival lies the age-old tradition of devotees taking a sacred dip in the lake, fervently seeking blessings for familial happiness and unity.

To ensure the well-being of the devotees, various organizations, including the Nepali Army, the Gosaikunda Rural Municipality, Rasuwa District Hospital, District Ayurved Health Centre, and the Himalaya Rescue Association, have set up facilities and services, as highlighted by Chief District Officer Prakash Chandra Adhikari.


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