Fire Engulfs 157 Community Forests in Tanahun this year


Fire Engulfs 157 Community Forests in Tanahun this year

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Tanahun Community forest fire
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This year there have been 157 community forest fires in Tanahun. According to the Division Forest Office, an area of ​​3,600 hectares has been damaged due to the fire.

Division chief Komalraj Kafle informed that even though a search was made strictly for the identity of the person who set fire to the forest, they could not be found. He said that there was a lot of damage due to the fire in the Rishing rural municipality, Bhanu municipality, and Vyas municipality area of ​​the district.

He said that because fires break out in areas where there are more settlements, the name of the person giving the shelter is kept secret, but the office is also arranging incentive money, but it is difficult to identify the person involved.

It has been observed that people who mostly have forests above and farmland below set fire to the forest. He said, ‘The thought that the ash formed when the forest is set ablaze with the rain will flow to the fields and become fertilizer, has increased the number of fire incidents.’

It has been observed that some people set fire to the forest randomly during the dry season because green grass grows and different kinds of mushrooms grow when they set fire to the forest.

Wild animals, animals, habitats of animals, and plants including plants have been destroyed by wildfires in the forest, according to the Division Forest Office.

The division forest officials said that the fire incidents have been reduced with the rains starting recently.

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