Gold Smuggling Attempt Foiled at Trichy Airport: 1.6 Kilograms Worth Rs 96 Lakh Seized

Customs authorities at Trichy Airport apprehended an individual on Monday on charges of attempting to smuggle 1.6 kilograms of gold valued at Rs 96 lakh. The suspect’s alleged method involved concealing the gold within his undergarments, as per officials.

According to the authorities, this confiscation of gold was made possible due to specific intelligence received. The accused individual had recently arrived at Trichy Airport via a Scoot Airlines flight from Singapore on September 17.

The officials stated, “The gold was discovered within a paste-like substance hidden within the suspect’s undergarments at the arrival hall of Tiruchirappalli Airport.”

The seized gold has been confiscated in accordance with the provisions outlined in Section 110 of the Customs Act. Furthermore, the passenger has been arrested under Section 104 of the Customs Act in connection with this incident.

An ongoing investigation is currently underway to delve deeper into this matter.


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