Discovery of Higher Altitude Lake than Tilicho in Dolpa Excites People’s Representatives

In a captivating revelation, people’s representatives from Dolpa have made an intriguing claim about the discovery of a lake situated at a higher altitude than the renowned Tilicho Lake in Manang.

These representatives from Dolpa municipality assert that a previously undiscovered lake has come to light in the elevated region of Phalgaon, within Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality in Dolpa district.

Tilicho Lake, a well-known natural wonder, stands at an impressive elevation of 4,919 meters above sea level, holding the highest recorded position in the region to date. However, the recently found lake in Phalgaon, Dolpa, is said to reach an astonishing altitude of 5,190 meters above sea level.

Nurbu Damdul Gurung, the Ward Chairman of Ward No. 6 within Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality, has been at the forefront of this remarkable discovery. He and his team utilized GPS technology to ascertain the precise elevation of this newfound lake, firmly establishing its height at 5,190 meters. Gurung further revealed that this newly unearthed lake is in proximity to Nepal-China border post number 15.

While this discovery has generated considerable excitement and interest, the official confirmation of its status is yet to be finalized. Bhumishwar Pokhrel, the Chief District Officer of Dolpa, has acknowledged that a team comprising the Vice Chairman of Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality and the Ward Chairman of Ward No. 6 has informed him about the lake’s higher altitude compared to Tilicho. However, official validation is still pending.

As news of this intriguing discovery continues to spread, experts and authorities are expected to conduct further assessments to confirm the newfound lake’s elevation and significance. Stay tuned for updates as this fascinating development unfolds in Dolpa.


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