Koshi CM Uddhav Thapa Resigns from Office

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that the recent vote of confidence undertaken by Koshi Chief Minister Uddhav Thapa stands in violation of the constitution.

As a direct consequence of this verdict, Chief Minister Thapa has been relieved of his duties, following the order issued by the Supreme Court.

This significant judgment was delivered by the full bench of esteemed Justices, comprising Sapana Pradhan Malla, Dr. Kumar Chudal, and Dr. Nakul Subedi. The ruling came in response to a petition filed by Hikmat Kumar Karki, leader of the UML parliamentary party. Karki’s plea demanded that Chief Minister Thapa must seek a vote of confidence from an individual who is constitutionally mandated to maintain a neutral stance and refrain from casting a vote unless a tie occurs.

The Supreme Court had previously issued an interim order on Bhadra 7 (August 24), cautioning against making decisions of profound importance that contravene constitutional ethics, parliamentary norms, and prior court directives. This interim order specifically pertained to the vote of confidence process undertaken by Chief Minister Thapa.

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Court had previously declared the Koshi State government as operating illegally in a case resembling the present one. Despite the Court’s earlier order, it has once again intervened, reaffirming that the recent vote of confidence was conducted in a manner contrary to constitutional principles and ethical standards.


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