KTB Karaoke Restaurant Raided in Connection with 60 kg Gold Seizure

The KTB Karaoke restaurant located in Thamel has been targeted in a recent raid linked to the seizure of 60 kg of gold at Tribhuvan International Airport’s vicinity.

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has apprehended the proprietors of KTB Karaoke restaurant in connection with the gold seizure case.

In an operation conducted by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) on Tuesday evening, a residence in downtown Patan was searched, leading to the detention of four Chinese nationals. Among them, Tian Mee and Ween Tong were identified as the proprietors of the aforementioned restaurant.

Situated in close proximity to Hotel Vienna in Thamel, the KTB Karaoke Restaurant has been under their management. On July 30, the Revenue Investigation Department carried out a raid at Hotel Vienna, recovering documents and materials. Simultaneously, the department detained Dawa Chiring, a Belgian national and the owner of the hotel.

During the investigative process, it emerged that the Chinese individuals linked to the gold case had frequented both Hotel Vienna and the KTB Karaoke restaurant on numerous occasions. Sources indicate that Chinese smugglers used four vehicles registered under Vienna’s name. Consequently, Dawa’s arrest was based on this connection.

Dawa has notable affiliations with prominent figures within the Maoist center. Furthermore, his spouse, Amala Roka, holds a leadership role within the Maoist faction in Rolpa. The investigation has uncovered his associations with other party leaders and security officials.


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