Kushe Aunsi Celebrated Today as Father’s Day

Nepal celebrates Kushe Aunsi, a special day known as Father’s Day, as they observe cherished traditions and honor fathers with love and respect.

Hindus nationwide are gathering Kush, a sacred grass integral to various religious ceremonies like Shraddha, which commemorates departed ancestors, and other spiritual rituals.

The tradition holds that bringing Kush, sanctified by priests with sacred verses and mantras, into one’s home brings blessings and well-being to the household.

Within the Hindu community, Kush and Tulashi (basil plant), Peepal, and Shaligram (ammonite stone) symbolize Lord Vishnu.

This day, also known as Gokarne Aunshi, is a special occasion for children who honor their fathers by offering them delectable dishes and sweets, akin to a celebration of Father’s Day.

In adherence to the religious principle of ‘Pitridevo Bhava’ (respect for ancestors), sons and daughters seek blessings from their fathers. For those whose fathers have passed away, a pilgrimage to sacred sites to perform Shraddha is customary, as it is believed to ensure the stability of their lineage. Popular pilgrimage destinations for Shraddha rituals include Gokarna in Kathmandu, Betrawati in Rasuwa, and Bishnupaduka in Dharan.


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