Lawmakers Raise Concerns Over Tragic Death of Young Girl in Kanti Children’s Hospital

During a session of the House of Representatives today, lawmakers directed their attention to a tragic incident involving the reported death of a young girl who had been waiting for medical treatment in the emergency ward of Kanti Children’s Hospital, located in the federal capital. Shockingly, the girl had waited for at least two hours without receiving the necessary care.

The young victim, Rejisha Gopali, was a five-year-old daughter hailing from Thaha municipality in Makwanpur. Tragically, she allegedly lost her life due to a lack of timely treatment in the hospital’s emergency ward just a few days ago.

Lawmakers unanimously decried this incident as an outcome of sheer negligence on the part of the hospital and its medical staff. They called for immediate action to be taken against both the hospital management and the medical professionals on duty during the incident.

Mahesh Bartaula, the CPN-UML whip, utilized his time during the meeting to passionately request the government’s intervention, urging that all children must receive uninterrupted medical care when they need it most.

Dr. Chanda Karki of the Rastriya Swatantra Party expressed deep concern upon hearing the heartbreaking news of the girl’s demise, stating, “This is immensely sad.” Dr. Karki emphasized the necessity for the government to take proactive steps to enhance the physical infrastructure of government-operated healthcare facilities and ensure a sufficient healthcare workforce to prevent such tragic incidents from occurring in the future.


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