Man beaten to death over a dispute in Palpa

In a tragic incident that unfolded in Tinau Rural Municipality within the Palpa district, a young man lost his life following a dispute among local youths. The victim, identified as Sunil Khatri, aged 24 and hailing from Dovan within the rural municipality, tragically met his demise. The Palpa district police office confirmed this unfortunate event.

According to Inspector Santosh Chand, the district police office’s information officer, the fatal incident occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. on a Monday when tensions escalated during a dispute involving local youth. Khatri, who sustained severe injuries during the altercation, was rushed to Lumbini Regional Hospital for urgent medical attention. Regrettably, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away at 1:45 a.m., as reported by Police Inspector Chand.

The dispute originated during a night of celebration, where women were dancing and enjoying dar, a special pudding traditionally consumed on the eve of the Teej festival. Preliminary investigations suggest that the altercation escalated, resulting in Khatri being subjected to physical harm. Police Inspector Chand shared this initial information.

Law enforcement authorities have taken four individuals into custody in connection with the tragic murder. However, additional details surrounding the incident have not yet been disclosed. A dedicated team, led by Superintendent of Police Heramba Sharma, the head of the district police office in Palpa, has arrived at the scene and is actively investigating this distressing incident.


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