Mayor Balen Shah Earns Coveted Spot on Time Magazine’s 2023 List of Emerging Global Leaders

Time magazine has proudly featured Balendra Shah, affectionately known as Balen Shah on its prestigious list of 100 emerging leaders from across the globe.

The renowned American magazine, famous for its influential annual compilations, has handpicked Mayor Shah to be part of the 2023 roster of emerging leaders destined for success in their respective domains.

Time magazine’s yearly tradition involves classifying the 100 most influential individuals worldwide, spanning six diverse categories, including politicians, scientists, influential corporate CEOs, and artists. Since 2019, they’ve extended this tradition to recognize emerging leaders who exhibit immense promise in shaping the world’s future.

Mayor Shah’s inclusion in this exclusive list can be traced back to his unexpected triumph in Kathmandu’s mayoral election in May 2022. Interestingly, his signature square, black-and-gold sunglasses became an iconic symbol of his surging popularity, quickly flying off the shelves in Nepal’s capital.

At a mere 33 years of age, armed with a master’s degree in structural engineering, Mayor Shah embarked on an independent campaign strategy. He effectively harnessed the power of social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to channel voter discontent with the existing political landscape. This catalyzed what became known as the “Balen effect,” resulting in the victory of a remarkable 385 independent candidates over established politicians in the local elections last spring, as reported by the magazine.


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