Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen) Faces Backlash for Threatening to Set Fire to Singha Durbar

Mayor, Balendra Shah (Balen), is facing criticism for his recent incendiary remarks to set fire to Singha Durbar, which have raised concerns among the public.

Mayor Shah, known for his provocative social media posts, took to the platform on a Saturday night to express his frustration, stating, “Nothing happened today, but if the government dares to halt any of our metropolitan city vehicles starting tomorrow, I will set fire to Singha Durbar. Remember this, corrupt government.”

Balendra Shah

However, the mayor has not clarified the specific incident or context behind his statement.

According to reports, CPN-UML leader Bishnu Rijal revealed that Mayor Shah’s wife had an encounter with the police when she was using a government vehicle on the same Saturday. It is believed that this incident may have triggered Mayor Shah’s fiery threat to “burn the Singha Darbar,” indicating his anger and frustration over the situation. The mayor’s statement has sparked debate and concern among the public and political circles alike.


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