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Supreme Court of Mexico Takes Historic Step Towards Decriminalizing Abortion

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Mexico has made a historic ruling to decriminalize abortion across the entire country. This decision comes two years after the court’s initial ruling, which challenged the existing law in Coahuila state, deeming criminal penalties for terminating pregnancies as unconstitutional. The news broke on Thursday, as reported by various media outlets.

This new ruling, which was handed down on Wednesday, will effectively legalize abortion in all 32 states of Mexico, as confirmed by the BBC. The court’s verdict underscores that denying women the option of terminating pregnancies infringes upon their fundamental human rights.

Arturo Zaldivar, the head of the Supreme Court, emphasized, “In cases of rape, no girl should be compelled to become a mother—neither by the state, nor by her parents, nor her guardians.” He further highlighted the gravity of the rights violation in such cases, especially considering the victim’s status and age, necessitating a perspective that prioritizes the best interests of minors.

Mexico City set a precedent in 2007 by becoming the first region in the country to decriminalize abortion. In Latin America, elective abortion is legally permissible in countries such as Colombia, Cuba, Uruguay, and Argentina. However, while some countries in the region allow abortion under certain circumstances, such as rape or health risks, outright bans on abortion persist in nations like El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.


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