Nepal Welcomes 326K Tourists in 4 Months


Nepal Welcomes 326K Tourists in 4 Months

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Nepal Welcomes 326K Tourists

In the previous four months, Nepal saw the arrival of approximately 326,000 international visitors.

According to the Nepal Tourism Board, the tourism industry is gradually rebounding after taking a significant hit as a result of the COVID issue.

Since the beginning of 2023, it stated that almost 100,000 visitors had visited Nepal each month.

Prior to the COVID issue, the government had declared 2020 to be “Visit Nepal Year,” however that declaration was later revoked.

The government has declared 2025 to be a “special year for tourism.”

The 2080s will be known as the “Visit Nepal Decade,” and 2025 will be a notable year for tourism.

Sudan Kirati, the minister for culture, tourism, and civil aviation, has also stated that rather than promoting foreign brands, Nepal could promote its own regional recipes to draw in visitors from abroad.

According to Minister Kirati, promoting Nepal’s native customs and cuisine will help the country’s tourist industry.

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