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Nepali Actor Ayushman Joshi Accused of Harassment, Sparks Controversy

A foreign girl has come forward with allegations of ‘harassment’ against Nepali actor Ayushman Deshraj Joshi, revealing her claims through an Instagram story. According to the girl, Ayushman had been persistently troubling her by sending a video containing inappropriate gestures.

The girl, who boasts a substantial following of 143,000 on her Instagram account under the username ‘ritasaengkawrai,’ made her accusations public by sharing a brief video clip of Ayushman on her story. In this video, Ayushman can be seen making lewd gestures while engrossed in his mobile phone. Notably, actress Aditi Budhathoki is among the individuals who follow this girl on Instagram, where she shares daring bikini photos and videos.

In her Instagram story, the girl expressed her frustrations, stating, ‘I am a hardworking girl, occasionally taking up waitressing gigs when job opportunities are scarce. Please refrain from unwarranted approaches. There are times when I can’t even afford a flight home, and every day is a struggle. Yet, some individuals believe they can get away with anything.”

Rita has asserted that Ayushman continued to send such videos despite her repeated pleas for him to stop. Additionally, she claimed to have received death threats after sharing the video publicly.


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