Nepali Congress Announces Candidates for Parliamentary Committee Chairmanship

In a significant development, the Nepali Congress has officially named its candidates for various chairmanship positions within the parliamentary committee. The Congress, as part of the alliance, successfully secured four crucial presidencies.

Here are the newly appointed chairpersons:

  1. Ramhari Khatiwada will serve as the Chairman of the State Administration Committee.
  2. Jeevan Pariyar has been appointed as the head of the Parliamentary Hearing Committee.
  3. Arju Rana will chair the Agriculture Committee.
  4. Santosh Chalise is set to lead the Finance Committee.

Notably, Jeevan Pariyar emerged as a candidate for ministerial roles from other factions within the Congress, highlighting the party’s diverse and dynamic leadership landscape. This move signifies a significant step forward for the Nepali Congress as they continue to play a pivotal role in the nation’s governance.


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