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Nepali Travel Company Suffers Significant Losses Due to Hacker Attack

Several Nepali travel companies, known for selling international air tickets through Global Distribution System (GDS), have fallen victim to a group of foreign hackers. The cyberattack targeted the ticket sales system of an international air service company, resulting in substantial financial losses amounting to millions of rupees.

The hackers successfully deceived Nepali travel companies such as Deurali Travels, Cosmo Travels, and C Link Travels by sending them fraudulent emails on behalf of foreign GDS companies and issuing fake tickets. Each affected company reported losses ranging from Rs 6 million to Rs 8 million.

Ramesh Thapa, Chairperson of the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) revealed that the hackers exploited the companies by sending emails during the night, pretending to be from GDS companies and incorporating their logos. This incident has caused fear and apprehension among Nepali travel companies.

Chairman Thapa also mentioned that the majority of the fraudulently issued tickets were destined for Morocco. In response to the incident, the victimized travel agencies have lodged a complaint with the cyber bureau. Sewar, MIS, and Galileo are the service providers responsible for offering ticketing services to Nepali travel companies.

Anupa Budhathoki, General Manager of Sewar Network Nepal, which provides GDS services to Nepali travel companies, explained that the foreign hackers manipulated Nepali ticket agencies by sending fabricated emails under the guise of the GDS company.

This hacking incident has not only resulted in significant financial losses for the affected travel companies but has also raised concerns regarding the security of the ticketing system and the vulnerability of the industry to cyber threats.


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