Niruta Singh Announces Her Marriage to Sanjeev Gulati on Facebook

Actress Niruta Singh has shared joyous news with her fans via Facebook, revealing her recent marriage to Mumbai resident Sanjeev Gulati. In her announcement, she addressed the numerous inquiries about her marital status and disclosed that she tied the knot on Thursday, August 31st.

Niruta expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her well-wishers for their love and support, attributing the success of the movies she has starred into their affection.

Additionally, in her Facebook post, she expressed her intention to return to Nepal soon to reconnect with her Nepali audience. Although once a celebrated actress in Nepal, Niruta Singh has been residing in India recently.

Her journey in Nepali cinema commenced with the movie ‘Dakshina,’ directed by Tulsi Ghimire, and she went on to deliver hit performances in films like ‘Darpan Chhaya’ and ‘Dui Kinara.’


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