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Now you have to pay to use Facebook!

In a significant development, Meta Company, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced its decision to introduce paid subscriptions for these popular social media platforms. This means that users will soon need to invest in paid plans to access Facebook and Instagram.

According to reliable sources, Meta is initially rolling out this paid service in Europe. This decision comes amidst growing concerns within the European Union regarding advertising practices and user privacy.

Under Meta’s proposed plan, users from European Union member countries will have the option to subscribe to a paid plan for either Facebook or Instagram while still being able to use the other platform for free. Notably, paid subscribers will enjoy an ad-free experience on both Facebook and Instagram.

As of now, the exact pricing details for these paid versions of Facebook and Instagram have not been disclosed. Furthermore, Meta has not issued an official statement confirming this development.

This move by Meta marks a significant shift in the way users access these social media giants and raises questions about the future of free social networking in an era where privacy and advertising concerns continue to be in the spotlight. Users worldwide will be closely watching for further updates and announcements from Meta regarding these upcoming changes.


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