Prohibition on Meat and Alcohol Imposed Around Pashupati Temple

The District Administration Office in Kathmandu has enforced a prohibition on consuming meat and alcohol near the sacred Pashupati Temple. This measure comes ahead of the Teej festival scheduled for October 1st, aiming to maintain the sanctity of the Pashupati area.

The designated boundaries for this prohibition stretch from Gaushala Mitrapark road in the east to the eastern border of the Pashupati area in the west, encompassing Gaushala Tilganga ring road in the north and Mitrapark in the south, extending to Bagmati in the south via Umakunda Gourighat.

Effective September 17, the District Administration Office Kathmandu has strictly banned the production, sale, transportation, storage, and consumption of meat, alcohol, and narcotic substances within this defined area.


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