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Singer Britney Spears Seeks Therapy Amid Divorce from Sam Asghari

In the midst of her divorce from Sam Asghari, singer Britney Spears is reportedly seeking therapy to help her navigate this challenging period in her life. While she expressed being “a little shocked” about Sam, a personal trainer-turned-actor, filing for divorce on August 16, citing irreconcilable differences, Britney has a strong support system in place, including a counselor and her high-profile celebrity attorney, as reported by

Britney has enlisted the ongoing assistance of a therapist and has retained the services of renowned divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, known for representing numerous A-list clients over her nearly 30-year legal career. Wasser’s list of clients includes Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Kris Jenner, Ryan Reynolds, Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff, Stevie Wonder, Patricia Arquette, Kate Walsh, Johnny Knoxville, and Kevin Costner.

Page Six reported that Britney, although understandably affected by the end of her six-year relationship, is maintaining a clear and strong mindset. She is not isolating herself and crying alone but is instead processing her emotions with resilience.

A source revealed, “I think Britney gets a bad rap, she’s a true artist, in the way that she processes things, in the way that she creates. But she’s doing incredibly well under the circumstances.”

Amidst reports of their divorce, it has been revealed that Britney and Sam are no longer communicating directly. Sources informed TMZ that they have “totally shut down any and all communication with one another, leaving it up to their legal teams to handle everything moving forward.” The situation reportedly turned contentious when Sam left their home, and they have not spoken since.

Despite the lack of direct communication, both Britney and Sam have addressed their split on social media. Britney took to Instagram on August 18 to express her shock at Sam’s decision to end their marriage. While she emphasized that the details of their breakup were private, she candidly shared that she couldn’t endure the pain any longer.


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