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Singer Dua Lipa Focuses on Music Career Amid Speculation About Future Motherhood

Singer Dua Lipa, while not ruling out the possibility of having children in the future, is currently fully dedicated to her music career and seizing every opportunity that comes her way.

When asked about her plans for having children, Dua responded with a thoughtful, “Hmm, maybe. But nothing’s planned! The only baby I’m thinking about is my new album,” as reported by during her interview with Vogue France.

Dua recognizes that today’s women have more choices and prospects than ever before. She is currently channeling her focus into pursuits other than motherhood.

The accomplished singer, who was previously in a relationship with Anwar Hadid, the brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid, emphasized the significant progress women have made in society, stating, “I think that women have acquired a place in society that was forbidden before.”

Nevertheless, she acknowledges that the desire to have children has not disappeared, but rather, women want the freedom to chart their own courses and not feel guilty for prioritizing themselves. Dua shared, “For me, when the moment is right, I will know. But, until then, I have other priorities. I want to continue making the most of my youth.”

Despite her tremendous success in recent years, Dua Lipa confesses that she dislikes listening to her own music. She explained, “I never listen to my own music. When I’m working on an album, it’s on repeat, but as soon as it releases, I never listen to it again – unless it comes on randomly on the radio or in the club…”

She also opened up about grappling with self-doubt regarding her music and her appearance, acknowledging that these feelings can be profoundly unsettling. The chart-topping artist shared, “Of course, I had insecurities. Times when I questioned my appearance. I know how destabilising it can be to feel not good enough.”


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