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Stable Terai Temperature Today, Rainfall Expected in Three Provinces

Mixed Weather Conditions in Various Regions of the Country, Rainfall expected in 3 Provinces, Terai Region in Nepal expected no lower temperatures.

Currently, the country is experiencing a combination of western winds and local winds. According to the Weather Forecast Division of the Department of Water and Meteorology, the weather is generally clear in the hilly areas of the country, specifically in Koshi Province, while other regions are also experiencing relatively clear conditions.

However, certain locations in the hilly areas of Bagmati, Lumbini, Gandaki, and Koshi regions have reported instances of thunderstorms accompanied by light rain.

During the afternoon, the hilly areas may experience partial cloud cover, while the rest of the country is expected to remain generally clear.

There is a chance of temporary or light rain accompanied by thunder and lightning in a few places within the hilly areas of the Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali regions.

As night falls, the weather is anticipated to be mostly clear in the hilly areas, while partial cloudiness is expected in other regions. There is a possibility of temporary or light rain with thunder and lightning in some areas of the Koshi region.

The lowland areas of the country may not experience a decrease in maximum and minimum temperatures for the next few days, leading to hot air and low temperatures in those regions.

Given the weather conditions, the department advises taking necessary precautions to mitigate the risks and potential damage caused by excessive heat and thunderstorms.


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