The Kerala Story Surpasses 200 Crore Mark in Just 18 Days


The Kerala Story Surpasses 200 Crore Mark in Just 18 Days

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The Kerala Story
Still Image from The Kerala Story

“The Kerala Story,” a low-budget film, has emerged as a box office sensation, surpassing big-budget Bollywood films and earning accolades. Lead actress Adah Sharma expressed her surprise at the film’s unprecedented success.

The film’s 18-day collection has brought immense joy to the filmmakers and cast. Today marks the 19th day since its release, and the film’s business figures for the 18th day have been revealed. With a remarkable journey so far, “The Kerala Story” has now joined the 200-crore club, amassing a total collection of 204.47 crores. It becomes the second film of the year, after Shahrukh Khan’s “Pathan,” to achieve this milestone.

On the 18th day, the film earned an impressive 5.50 crores, maintaining decent business even on the first day of the new week. Now, all eyes are set on the 250-crore mark. If the film continues to earn steadily throughout the week, it has the potential to reach 250 crores by the weekend. However, as the week progresses, a gradual decline in earnings is expected.

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