U.S. Army Arrives in Kathmandu for 40th Joint Military Training

Kathmandu, Nepal – A contingent of the United States Army has landed in Kathmandu, marking the commencement of the 40th edition of joint military training between the United States and Nepal. The U.S. Army team, consisting of 12 members along with essential logistical support, arrived in the federal capital on Thursday.

The joint military training, a regular and established collaboration between the two nations, is scheduled to take place from September 10 to September 29. Brigadier General Krishna Prasad Bhandari, the spokesperson of the Nepali Army, confirmed these details to Nepalkhabar.

During this comprehensive training program, a total of 42 military personnel will participate, with 30 hailing from Nepal and 12 representing the United States. The training aims to foster cooperation and exchange of expertise in critical areas such as disaster management, search and rescue operations, and humanitarian assistance.

Participants from both sides will share their knowledge and experiences, enhancing their capabilities in handling various challenging scenarios. This includes disaster response, an area of expertise where both nations have cooperated extensively in the past.

The joint military training has been a vital platform for strengthening ties between Nepal and several other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, China, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Bangladesh, and Israel. These collaborative efforts encompass various domains, such as disaster management, search and rescue operations, anti-terrorism strategies, mountaineering, and the roles played during UN Peacekeeping Missions.

The joint military training reinforces the commitment of Nepal and the United States to enhance their military preparedness, exchange valuable knowledge, and foster enduring bonds of cooperation between their armed forces. The training will conclude on October 9, after which the U.S. Army team will return home, further solidifying the longstanding partnership between the two nations.


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