West Ham United Secures Convincing Victory against Brighton

West Ham United displayed an impressive performance in the English Premier League as they triumphed over Brighton with a 3-1 win in their third-round match.

In the 19th minute, James Ward opened the scoring for West Ham, setting the tone for their dominant display on Brighton’s turf.

Jarrod Bowen extended West Ham’s lead in the 58th minute, putting them in a commanding position.

Mitchell Antonio added another goal for West Ham in the 63rd minute, further solidifying their lead and ensuring an easy victory.

Despite Brighton’s efforts, they managed to find the net in the 81st minute when Pascal Gross scored, reducing the deficit to 3-1.

With this victory, West Ham climbs to the top of the league table with 7 points from 3 games, showcasing their early-season prowess.

Brighton, though defeated in this encounter, still stands strong with 6 points from 3 games, currently holding the fourth position in the league standings.


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